About Us / Our Vision - Our Mission - Our Values

Our Vision

All youth have the opportunity to better themselves and their communities through lacrosse.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and support strong citizens for the future by providing opportunities for youth development, education, wellness, and community service through the game of lacrosse.

By using a consistent, affordable and flexible model, Soft Lacrosse™ can offer many services for any community.

  • Recreational Programming

    Giving participants a safe space to explore the game of lacrosse and understand themselves during the afternoon, evening and weekend hours. Our curriculum model offers consistency while adapting to the age, experience and geographical location of participants. Our curriculum/model is designed to be consistent, yet flexible. Programming can be adapted to national, state and regional Physical Education standards and requirements.
  • Educational Programming

    Soft Lacrosse™ brings demonstrations, curriculum/lesson plans, equipment, professional development, and continuing education courses to classrooms and conferences for pre-k through collegiate students and teachers.
  • Wellness Programming

    Soft Lacrosse™ supports our participants by guiding them through healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices, with fun lessons and lots of taste testing.
  • After-School Programming

    Our after-school program combines all other programming for the benefit of the participants. A typical after-school program consists of a tutoring/homework session, a nutrition lesson and snack, and finishes with tons of lacrosse fun!

Our Values


Soft Lacrosse™ is in the business of capturing children’s attention and being able to keep it. With a positive attitude, energetic demeanor and clear plan, all Soft Lacrosse™ activities can have a sense of fun even when hard-work and concentration is required.


All youth deserve a strong educational foundation and a support system to help them achieve their educational goals. During Soft Lacrosse™ programming, tutoring and assistance can be provided. Soft Lacrosse™ also supports education during all programming with our Helmet Sticker Reward Program and book drives.

It is our belief that for the game of lacrosse to grow, education must be provided to those without exposure. By supporting our educators in and out of the classroom, Soft Lacrosse™ is growing the game from the inside of our educational system with students ranging from pre-k to university.


There is nothing more important than the development of our youth. Soft Lacrosse™ takes pride in giving boys and girls opportunities and support to improve themselves and their community.


The community in which a child develops can have a lasting effect on the adult they will become. Soft Lacrosse™ believes in supporting communities with development projects, financial opportunities, and education services. We support, and in turn are supported, by community focused organizations.


Our flexible, yet consistent, programming has proven to be successful in all socio-economic climates. Soft Lacrosse™ is flourishing in urban, suburban and rural areas alike.


Soft Lacrosse™ has a strong focus on the wellness of our participants. Participants receive nutrition and wellness training in the form of fun activities to help fight childhood obesity. By partnering with local food pantries and supplying participants with healthy food choices, Soft Lacrosse™ is also working hard to help feed hungry children and families within our communities.


All activities are designed to help boys and girls gain confidence and improve their ability to problem solve, work with others, make sound decisions to live a healthy lifestyle.


The Soft Lacrosse™ programming and curriculum is flexible so that as many youth as possible will be reached. However, all programs will follow the same core values, educational practices, developmental principles and will be derived from our master curriculum.


Life is balance. Soft Lacrosse™ helps its participants better understand life’s balancing act by supporting them in education, athletics, wellness and personal growth.


Attitudes are contagious. Soft Lacrosse™ directors and coaches receive training on positive coaching and mindfulness. Children will project the type of coaching and attitude that they receive from adults. With positive and energetic training, all children will have the opportunity to enjoy lacrosse and internalize this practice for the betterment of their own future endeavors.